Ear Plastic Surgery

The technical term for ear surgery is otoplasty, and is a cosmetic surgery that changes/alters the appearance of the human ear. Whether the ears are reduced in size, reshaped, or reconstructed, otoplasty can be a very versatile procedure that has satisfactory permanent outcomes.

The external ear, also called the pinna, is made of thin structural cartilage with skin and each part and shape of the ear is named (earlobe, auricle, tympanic membrane, etc). Though many otoplasties are done due to birth defects, as much or more are sought out by those who just are not happy with the shape of their ears.

Otoplasty can be performed beginning with the decision of anesthesia - local anesthesia, local with sedation, or general anesthesia (generally used with children). Though some require a hospital stay, otoplasty is mostly an outpatient surgery procedure, and takes only one to five hours depending on the problem. Otoplasty usually uses incisions, such as incising one side of the lop-ear cartilage along the new anti-helical fold or just one side of a flat cartilage piece. It can also be performed as an "incisionless otoplasty", where a needle is placed through the skin to mold the cartilage and to place retention sutures.

For most operations, one or more incisions are recommended so that it is easier to reshape the structures that need resculpting. Usually, this is only behind the ear. The concha bowl can be moved closer to the head with other techniques that can keep the ears in rather than sticking out.

Microtia or Anotia are deformity issues that can be treated with augmentation by adding elements that will replace deformed or missing structures. Cartilage can be added or moved as well as the shape of the ear being changed by either being moved or weakened to allow the desired outcome. After surgery, an ear dressing is applied which protects the ear from infection and either dissolvable sutures are used or ones that will be removed by a doctor when it is time for a follow-up.

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