Breast Implants Surgery

Breast implants date back to 1895, the earliest procedure recorded done by Vincenz Czermy, with subsequent procedures and methods tried (many failing) since then. Breast implants are used generally for primary reconstruction (replacement of tissue that has been lost to disease such as cancer or trauma), revision reconstruction (corrects or improves the result of a previous breast surgery, primary augmentation (to increase breast size for various reasons), and revision augmentation (corrects or improves the result of a previous breast surgery).

The surgical procedure for breast augmentation usually takes one to two hours with variations in technique and different incision types and materials used. The incision types are the inframammary (most common approach with maximum access), periareolar (usually used in breast lifts), transaxillary (placed in the armpit and offers no visible scarring on the breast), transumbilical (TUBA-less common incision placed in the navel, also with no visible scars on the breasts), transabdominalplasty (TABA-similar to the last and usually done while a patient is undergoing abdominalplasty at the same time), and areolar vertical approach (AVA-leaves a more extended submuscular pocket for the silicone gel).

Silicone gel implants, invented in 1961, are broken up into five generations of manufacturing techniques, but are generally a semi-solid gel that helps eliminate the possibility of silicone migration. Saline implants are used with smaller incision procedures and are placed inside the breasts, then filled with the saline. These run the risk of rippling, wrinkling, or becoming noticeable to the eye or touch.

Recovery can usually be expected to be about one week with normal routine by that time has passed. If an implant is placed under muscle, a longer period of recovery may be necessary, possibly up to six weeks time.

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